Zumhof Biergarten Birmingham Pilsner Urquell & Erdinger

If you love Bavaria or the Czech Republic, you will be right at home in Zumhof Biergarten.

I was delighted to see a new drinking venue, Zumhof Biergarten appears on twitter highlighting their opening on 4th July. I was immediately sold on the concept, mainly attracted to the Bavarian and Czech beers on offer, many of which were enjoyed on my recent interrail adventure.

Zumhof Biergarten is located in the trendy area Digbeth near to the famous Custard Factory. Loads of great nights out have been enjoyed by me in this area including Beer Central Festival and the cookery night at The Big Birmingham Bake.


Booking seemed to be implied due to the booking form on their new website but didn’t seem bookable on the day. I had taken the dog out with a few cans in the day pack with the intention of walking the canals. This led me down the Digbeth branch canal, past the great street art on the banks and thought I would head into Digbeth for an alfresco beer anywhere quiet.

In my mind, I had written off getting to Zumhof Biergarten on opening weekend. A chance meeting in the beer garden of Stag highlighted to me that Zumhof Biergarten was just around the corner and would let people in on the door without booking. I was in luck and finished up the remaining Camden Pale and packed the dog up for a wander.

Finding Zumhof Biergarten

We were given rough directions from the kind gent at Stag so headed in the direction while consulting Google Maps too. Their address is 29 Heath Mill Lane but this led us on a small wild goose chase. The entrance is actually on Lower Trinity Street and best found using the Google maps entry for Trinity Street Carpark.


We were greeted at the door with a sign in area, the “New Normal” means you have to sign in to pubs and leave some contact details. This could be done using technology or manually, the reception was pretty slick and certainly friendly. After signing in we proceeded with the dog and were shown to the tables, we fancied sitting outside and were shown to the expansive beer garden out the back. The covered area was choice of the day due to some impending drizzle.

Zumhof Biergarten Venue

Zumhof Biergarten is a big place and has indoor and outdoor seating mostly benches outside and long tables inside. The tipi to the rear was a fantastic area for chilling it had a mixture of beer garden benches and deck chairs to sit in. They also had some barrels to prop your drink on when the current restrictions are over.

Zumhof Biergarten Venue

Currently, each group has to live within the new laws and sit at their allocated table, this new normal is proving great for my tastes so far.

Drinks and food are ordered at one of the 2 long bars inside and were pretty special, to see the options on offer. We had predecided using the throwaway paper menus, handy rather than choosing at the bar and loitering too long procrastinating. You can also order via an app to get table service for drinks and food.

Beer Options at the bar

Alongside the main bar is the tanks for their signature drink and my old favourite from the trip to Prague, Pilsner Urquell. This is Digbeth’s first Tankovna which features fresh unpasteurised Pilsner Urquell that is delivered to direct from Pilzen once a week into the tanks at Zumhof Biergarten.

Digbeth’s first Tankovna


As mentioned above is the signature drink of Pilsner Urquell, a fantastic drink and a firm favourite of mine when in the Czech Republic. Being served unpasteurized from the tank certainly adds a dimension to this drink and even more likeable. This comes served in a glass with handle and has a good head on top. This tasted just like it does in Prague, and was very impressed with how right Zumhoff had got it.

Zumhof Biergarten Birmingham Pilsner Urquell & Erdinger

For the whole of lockdown, I have been on a quest to find a Birmingham stockist of Erdinger Weissbier. The only hope being Connolleys Wine in the Jewellery Quarter, who never had it on the shelves when popping in sadly and had given up hope. The smile on my face must have been beaming when I clocked Erdinger on the drinks menu. This was to be my first beer and the first sip took me back to the restaurant car of the ICE trains through Germany where this is the default draught beer.

The menu has 60ish options to choose from, sadly on my visit, I didn’t get to try them all, one that stood out for next trip was Stiegl, an Austrian beer, brewed in Salzburg. Stiegl was very popular in Vienna and this was enjoyed by me at Prater Amusement Park.

Some local brews are on the menu including options from Digbrew and Purity brewing. Zumhoff has great options and certainly has something to tickle most palates.


The venue also serves food, this is ordered at the bar and served to the table currently but the kitchen is in a wooden building in the garden. I imaging post restrictions food can also be collected here from the grill.


The menu consists of a Bratwurst section, serving nice long German Bratwurst hotdogs, served in the traditional way. Burgers were also prominent on the menu with options form the Haus Burger to chicken and a plant-based option. Sides included a variety of sharing options for fries.

Haus Burger and Fries

I had opted for the Haus Burger with a shared portion of salt and pepper fries. The Haus Burger was delicious and perfectly cooked with a slight pink twinge. This was garnished perfectly with sauce and slaw served in a brioche bun. I wish I had taken the menu home to confirm the exact contents of this but mark my words this was delicious.

Haus Burger German Style

Dog Friendly

We established if the dog was welcome at the reception where we signed in, all good this was dog-friendly. The staff were welcoming and offered their special dog water for the puppy which was very much enjoyed. Puppy gave 5 stars for service and taste for this.

Dog Friendly Digbeth

The dog was delighted to become the venues first dog guest and was delighted to become the poster child for puppies on the Zumhoff Instagram page.

COVID-19 Precautions

The venue has it all right in my position in regards to the rules of the New Normal, this includes;

  • Signing in for contact tracing on entry, a requirement for all pubs and restaurants.
  • Hand sanitizer around the venue for staff and customers.
  • A one-way system marked out to navigate the interior.
  • All tables spaced appropriately, very comfortable but close enough not to ruin any vibes.
  • Tables marked as cleaned and disinfected, this doubled up to let the staff know you had popped off for a second.
  • Staff kept their distance when delivering food and cutlery to the unoccupied part of the table, all on a tray.
  • You can order via an app to your table, ideal when the venue gets busier to maintain distancing.
  • The full list of precautions can be found HERE.

Customers were also respectful of space and distancing, a few asked if they could pet the dog rather than jumping straight in.


This is a great venue and right up my street, they have got it all right from the beer, food and venue. I felt safe there and was made very welcome. I will be returning again for sure.


Zumhof Biergarten has a new website where you can book a table at https://www.zumhof.co.uk/. They also are only on one social network as far as I can see currently which is their Instagram account at @zumhofbiergarten

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