Prague in January Photos

A selection of photographs taken in Pgrage in January 2020 on an interrail stopover. Most are included on related blog posts but many photographs are not yet. Prague Posts Prague interrail Night out Pod Restaurant Photos Photographs taken in the city in January 2020. Some on pages currently and others will be blogged about soon. …

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Zumhof Biergarten Birmingham Pilsner Urquell & Erdinger

If you love Bavaria or the Czech Republic, you will be right at home in Zumhof Biergarten.

I was delighted to see a new drinking venue, Zumhof Biergarten appears on twitter highlighting their opening on 4th July. I was immediately sold on the concept, mainly attracted to the Bavarian and Czech beers on offer, many of which were enjoyed on my recent interrail adventure. Zumhof Biergarten is located in the trendy area …

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Churches of Nuremberg

Historic Churches of Nuremberg

There are many churches in the historic city of Nuremberg, particularly within the city walls or fortifications. The city is fantastic for those that enjoy religious architecture or history of religion. The churches all have their own unique appearance as well as fascinating backstories including involvement of Roman Emperors and even Napoleon Bonaparte. Nuremberg Churches …

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Scotland Tour

Scotland Mini Break

RJ and Co. Hope to return to Scotland in late Autumn or early Winter this year. The plan is to maybe revisit some places through new eyes and try some new things too. Scotland The country of Scotland is part of the United Kingdom, it is located in the northernmost third of the island. Mainland …

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