Train Travel

Travelling by train is my favourite form of transport both here in the UK and on the continent. I like the way that you can see the world go by on the journey as well as being able to stretch your legs and stand in the doorway. Outside of peak times there is usually plenty of spare seats from my experience but all bets are off at popular times where I have many times sat in the doorways.

UK Scenic Train Lines

My favourite UK stretches of track are;

  • Stroud to Kemble in Gloucestershire which follows a valley up hill along the river Frome.

  • From Exeter To Dawlish Warren taking in views of the River Exe estuary.

  • From Dawlish to Newton Abbot along the coast and through a tunnel.

  • Leaving London, not too keen on the city and like to leave.

  • Mersey Rail Great Sutton to Chester for happy reasons.

  • Crossing the Runcorn bridge on the way to Liverpool.


There are many attractions throughout the country regarding trains, particularly steam trains. I have visited a few. There are also many disused lines and rail artefacts, recent visits for me were the Penallt viaduct, Monmouth Viaduct and The Dean Forest Railway.

Most railway stations in Romania have old disused steam engines outside, celebrating the historic locomotives of a bygone era.


Plans are afoot to tour Europe by rail in the near future, travelling with a dog in tow and laptop for blogging as we go. One will be a winter trip and the next a summer trip before the schools break up. I hope to travel to the following destinations by rail in the near future.

  • Berlin
  • The Hague
  • Prague
  • Milan
  • Venice
  • Nice
  • Croatia
  • Vienna
  • Nuremberg
  • The Black Forest
  • Provence in France
  • And Snowdonia in Wales


Well behaved dogs are welcome on British trains and regularly do this, they have a few rules but common sense really.

For my European Inter-Rail adventure dogs are unable to travel on Eurostar, so have identified 2 ways onto the continent, one using the Dutch Flyer which includes a ferry from Harwich to Hook of Holland near Rotterdam. The other is from Newhaven on the south coast travelling to Dieppe in Northern France. There are various blogs about travel with pets and have proved useful in planning, particularly .