Train Journey From Cluj-Napoca to Brasov

After spending a few delightful days in Cluj-Napoca the next stop on my Romania adventure was to Brasov. We had decided that travelling by train would be the most relaxing method of transport and enable me to stretch legs at will. The route was a big appeal to see the beautiful Romanian countryside and mountains.

Getting To The Station

We had a 3-hour gap between checkout and the train departing so with a suitcase in tow we run few errands like sending postcards home and grabbed lunch.

Lunch was to Bricks a canal-side restaurant that had seating outside on the banks of the Canalul Somesul Mic. The service was very good and the waiter even sorted out charging our phones and e-cigarettes so fully charged for the long journey ahead. Food was delicious and ate goulash served inside the bread, a good filling meal with great flavours.

Gara Cluj-Napoca – Train Station

From Bricks the train station was a straight walk and not too far, passing a few shops to pick up some baked good and drinks for the journey.

The Gara Cluj-Napoca was a multi-platform station that supposedly serves approximately 100 trains per day. This had a ticket office in which we brought tickets on the day, 1st class this time as reasonably priced.

Outside the station was a steam train on display, a nice touch that if not in a rush as cutting it fine would have had a look and took some more photos. Maybe next trip.

The Train

Was excited when I saw the train was a retro-style throwback in time. After plenty of reading online, I was shocked that the train was bang on time, this good for me. Inside was nice the 1st class carriage was spacious with comfy seats and empty. There was a bar but nobody serving but was prepared and had supplies for the journey in my day bag. It felt like being in an old movie and a step back in time.

The doors of the train all had windows that would open, this was great for my love to travel feeling the air and have a cheeky lean out of the window. Spent much time here as sitting is my least favourite pastime. The only negative comment it the toilet was not too great but was functional.

For my next European train journey, I would love to get an overnight train with a sleeping compartment.

The Journey

The trip from Cluj to Brasov was advertised as 8 hours but was warned timings on longer journeys are quite loose, the warning was right and took just about 9 hours. The trip had 7 stops on the way so not too many.

The scenery was very nice and was my entertainment for the trip. Due to the empty first-class carriage was easy to see the windows on both sites of the train and enjoy the views.

I also recorded some video clips and took photos out through the door windows of the moving train. The scenery was mainly countryside, small towns and some lavish gipsy homes. The journey traversed the Transylvanian plateau, this became one of my favourite journeys by rail.

The train finally arrived in Brasov Train Station where we met by our hosts for the stay in Brasov, it was dusk and very busy at the station.

Train Journey Summary

A great opportunity to see rural Romania in relaxed conditions at a good value price. A slow journey that suited me and ignited my desire for more European train journeys.

Useful Resources

All aboard! Short guide to travelling by train in Romania.

CFR, the rain company covering the country including timetables and tickets.

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