The Day Before a Holiday – Stress & Planning

I find there is an increase in stress levels the day before a big trip or holiday away, just like today. All caused by wanting the holiday to run smoothly and forget no essentials and get everything done before departure. The stress usually wakes me up well before I had planned, just like today the day before my big trip to Romania tomorrow. This will be my first holiday out of the UK for a long time so want to get it right.

This trip is ambitious, 3 different destinations in 10 days with lots of cross foreign country travel and first time being in a country I don’t speak the language.


First thing to cross my over active and alert too early mind is to check all clothes I want to take are clean and dry. What do I want to take? The weather report says very hot with chance of rain and thunder some days. I hope to swim on one part of the trip so swimwear is required but the mind is telling me try on first before adding to the suit case. Probably overthinking and travelling to heavy but included many shorts, trousers, shirts and t-shirts to cover all options including some smarter clobber in case we go out somewhere nice.


I’m sure the location of travel documents will be triple checked throughout the day and just before departure as will the boarding information. All tucked away in my hand luggage for now but compelled to keep checking.


I hope I have enough to fully enjoy the trip away but have back up plans in case I run over budget, have changed my mind on this many times this morning. As for changing sterling into Romanian Leu there is conflicting advice, most blogs say change before travel and others say its cheaper to change over there. As for bank cards, I have no choice but to rely solely on one as the 2nd backup account I opened has not delivered the new card as of yet.


Romanian is not a widely taught language in English schools so am very limited in the words I recognise and can use, however my travel companion is fluent so that eases my worries some what. I hope to pick up some new knowledge of the language but don’t feel they are my strong point.


Have the ordeal of leaving the dog for the first time with a drop off the day before due to a very early flight in the morning. Will the puppy be OK? I hope he settles well but know deep down he is very resilient and will enjoy meeting other dogs there, he is a big communicator and sure will be excited. Navigating to the kennels on public transport will be stressful but a nice good chance to say our goodbyes.

Getting To Airport

Have just realised due to Sunday service there are no trains to Birmingham Internation from New Street Station before 8:30 in the morning. That leaves to conundrum, travel on the limited bus service or suffer the cost of an Uber?


Getting to sleep has always been an issue for me and is amplified the day before a trip away due to worry and excitement combined. I don’t like the idea of sleeping medication so avoid. To help me on the way a very early start the day before sort of ensures I am tired in the evening. Also I intend to take a melatonin supplement that usually helps send me to sleep reliably. Melatonin is a hormone that regulates sleep–wake cycles. It is primarily released by the pineal gland. As a supplement, it is often used for the short-term treatment of trouble sleeping such as from jet lag or shift work. Unfortunately this is only available on prescription in the UK for some reason.

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