Blue Church Bratislava

The Blue Church Bratislava

The Church of St. Elizabeth also known as The Blue Church is a special and unique church in the city of Bratislava. It is a pale blue art nouveau building located at the eastern end of the city, about a 10-15 minute walk from central old town areas. The church is not that old and was built during 1909 and 1913.

Blue Church From Front

Ths church appeared on many bloggers to visit lists so bookmarked it on my Google maps for places to see. I was not disappointed with the beautiful architecture and was very interesting to admire. Sadly we could not enter the building as was not open at that time to have a look around but had a peer through a gap in the door, this was all very pretty and intricate.

Blue Church Interior

If you wish to see inside I would check the hours and arrive on time. the church is great to look at from the exterior though, it seems very popular with the selfie brigade. More info…

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