Sagres Camping Gear

Shopping List for Camping Holiday In Sagres, Portugal

The RJ on tour shopping list for new camping gear and other useful stuff. All with the aim of a nice camp near Sagres in The Algarve, Portugal.


3+ person tent, light as possible with porch and blackout inside. Ideally not too expensive but reviewed well for waterproof capabilities.

Eurohike Avon 3

Fully waterproof with a darkened bedroom area, the Avon 3 DLX Nightfall Tent by Eurohike is perfect for short camping trips or festivals. £90

Shadow 350 Nightfall Tent

The Eurohike Shadow 350 is complete with nightfall bedrooms, making it ideal for festivals or lazy camping trips. This waterproof, easy-to-pitch tent is perfect for a weekend away. It will comfortably sleep 3 people, or even 4 at a push! £80


70+ litre backpack to fit tent inside.

Vallo EXP 70:80 Rucksack

Highly durable, mammoth-sized 70 litre backpack. The OEX Vallo Exp 70:80 is a large, tough and lightweight expediton pack designed to easily carry all your kit on multi-day adventures. £65

Sleeping bags

2 large, three seasons sleeping bags.

Options to-do

Microfibre towels

4 microfibre towels to save space and dry quickly, beach size.

Options to-do

Lightweight chair

lightweight and portable, maybe with a cup holder, but size is important.

Options to-do

Solar Power-pack

Solar powered power pack, with 2 outputs and bag attachment.


For cheese and other useful stuff, maybe multi purpose.

Options to-do


headlamps unless power pack has torch.

Options to-do

Picnic blanket

Large light one to sit outside tent and on beach.

Options to-do


Suggestions for books on Portugal history and horror.

Options to-do

Sleeping mats

Portable ones that self inflate, but likely to buy yoga mats on arrival.

Options to-do

First aid kit

For emergencies, plasters, bandages also to include pain killers, sudocreme, rennie, anti histamine, mosquite stuff.

Options todo

Pillow ideas

thinking of taking pillow cases to stuff with clothes but open to ideas.

Options todo


For swimming

Options todo


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