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Beach Holiday in Mamaia Nord

As part of my Autumn 2019 tour of Romania, we scheduled a few days rest and recreation in the seaside resort of Mamaia Nord, to the north of Constanta. This is located on the black sea in the east of Romania. We planned and hoped for a great beach holiday with some food and sightseeing mixed in, Mamaia delivered.


We arrived in Constanta train station after an epic journey from Cluj-Napoca traversing the country. Constanta train station as with most stations in Romania has a steam locomotive at the entrance, a nice touch and always good for a photo.

To get to the apartment we rented a taxi was required as was travelling with a big suitcase and had a very long journey beforehand. Taxi prices were varied from driver to driver, some were blatantly trying to pull a fast one. We opted for a friendly guy with one of the better prices and a nice looking car.

The journey to our home for the weekend passed through the city and along with the Mamaia resort with the black sea on one side and Lake Siutghiol on the other. This wet my appetite to have some fun and explore the resort which reminded me of many fun times as a child.


What does Wikipedia say about Mamaia?

Considered to be Romania’s most popular resort, Mamaia is situated immediately north-east of Constanța’s city centre. It has almost no full-time residents, being populated mostly during the summer. Mamaia lies on a strip of land 5 miles in length and only 300 metres in width, between the Black Sea and Lake Siutghiol. The beach season is at its best between mid June and early September, when average daytime temperatures range between 25 and 30 °C. The water of the Black Sea stays warm until mid autumn.

Holiday Apartment

We had rented a cheap apartment in Mamaia Nord from it cost less than £100 for 4 nights. We were suitably impressed, the place was clean with new furniture and a great shower which was much needed for travelling. Seating and dining tables were outside in a courtyard. We were not far away from a local shop so popped in to grab some ice-cold Romanian Lager to toast our arrival. There seems to be an array of accommodation types in the resort from the budget end apartments, campsites up to the more luxurious hotels and resorts.

Mamaia Nord Beach

Mamaia North is located at the northern end of the area, primarily a beach resort with some very nice beaches, resorts and restaurants from around the globe. There were bars all the way up that managed their particular part of the beach, many with recliners, bar areas and shade. In true RJ fashion, we visited a few as part of scouting the area. The beach was quiet at night and partook in some skinny dipping to cool off walking back to the apartment all to some very nice moonlight.


La Peste`

A fish restaurant located just off the main road in the Mamaia Nord with outdoor seating in the shade. They had a great selection of dishes on the menu. I opted to enjoy what they called Anchovy, which was basically whitebait one of my favourite meals, this was served with pickles and fries. Ursus was the drink of the day, a refreshing and good value lager which is often available throughout Romania.


A Greek restaurant in the new Mamaia-Sat area with a very pleasant outdoor seating area. Nikos serves all the traditional Greek dishes on their menu and seem very popular with many full tables during evening service. I enjoyed a favourite of mine souvlaki which is pork cooked on a skewer on an outside grill, this was served with flatbread, tzatziki, potatoes and salad. For dessert, I enjoyed a chocolate-filled pastry dish which was very sweet and absolutely fantastic.

Terasa Casa Românească

A traditional Romanian restaurant located in the main strip of Mamaia not too far from the cable car. This was a very nice place inside and very busy, always a good sign from my observations. I had a feast here and ordered far too much and my eyes were bigger than my belly for this meal out. I started with a platter of Romanian cheese and ham served with salad and pickles, this would have been ideal to share for a main but this was my starter. For my main course, I opted for my favourite meal of mixed grill. the mixed grill included mici, sausage, lamb, pork, chicken and served with fries and a place of pickles. I thoroughly enjoyed this and was very full, throughout the meal I enjoyed local wine and beer. This was a fantastic meal but regret ordering too much.

I enjoyed a few other meals out as well as enjoying a few local variants of what I call the Interailers Brunch lunch of local bread, cheese and cold meats.


I ventured out a few times to the main resort of Mamaia including to the City Park Mall to fill up on vape juice. I needed enough to last us for a few weeks as I anticipated not being able to purchase any in our next destination.

Mamaia is a holiday resort that reminded me of childhood visits to places like Blackpool and Weston super mare. If had theme parks, water parks, bars, restaurants and an array of touristy shops. I enjoyed bar hopping and eating street food including a nice Mexican style takeaway and Kurtos a cake with Hungarian origins. These are cooked on a spit which I had previously enjoyed on visits to Transylvania.

The cable car that connects each end of the resort is a must-do in my option. I went as the sun was setting and thoroughly enjoyed the view of the sun coming down over the lake. You can see the whole resort from above which was nice.

The whole vibe is a party atmosphere and can see why it is popular with all age groups for a summer holiday. The area is supposedly a ghost town and closes down outside of the main summer season, something I would enjoy I think.

More Romanian Seaside Photos


I had a few run-outs to Constanta city during my stay to have an explore and time away from the resort. This will be featured in an imminent blog post.


I think Mamaia is a great resort to spend some time chilling or for people of all ages that like a beach holiday. Parts of the resorts are also party central and can see why it is the favourite holiday destination for Romanians. There seems to be something for everyone here from nice food to some great activities.

There was lots of construction work going on towards the north of the resort. I suspect this may be as we were there at the very end of the season.

Also is a good stopover destination for those visiting the Danube Delta. The next stop on the way to paradise was to the city of Tulcea.

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