Sacalin Island

Sacalin Island is a stunning place to sit and watch birds, enjoy tranquillity, watch wild horses or look out to the Sacalinu Lagoon. We travelled to the lagoon at the far end of the island on boat via the small channels from Saint George rather than along the coast due to the waves and current from the River Danube. The journey was stunning and saw lots of wild birds and wetland fauna including some pretty flowering Lily pads. We sat and enjoyed the views from the southern end of the island and lagoon.

Sacalin Island

Sacalin Island is a newly formed island in the Black Sea, right off the coast of the Romanian Danube Delta, off the Sfântu Gheorghe branch (Saint George). Initially Sacalin was made up of two smaller islands, Sacalinu Mare and Sacalinu Mic. In time, however, the two merged into one continuous landmass.

The Romanian government has declared the area an ecological reserve and no settlement is permitted on the island.


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