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Nuremberg a great Interrail Stop

Nuremberg is an ideal Interrail stop for many reasons, from its rich history to it being a transport hub in Central Germany. The city is very dog-friendly too and pets seem very welcome in bars, restaurants and even some shops.

Nuremberg is located in the Bavaria region of Germany and is the 2nd largest Bavarian city after Munich. It is located on the River Pegnitz which flows through the old town area of the city. The Pegnitz River eventually leads to the River Main which eventually leads to the Rhine.

Top Things To See & Do in Nuremerg

Nuremberg is a city with a great history and as such has many historical places to visit. This includes many hotspots within the medieval city walls. The Nuremberg War Trials were hosted in the city as well as the rallies by the former Nazi Party.

Imperial Castle

Located on a hill overlooking the city within the city walls in The Imperial Castle of Nuremberg. The outer area of the castle is free to visit and has some stunning views of the city skyline including seeing the spires of the prominent churches within the city walls.

Known locally as Nürnberger Burg, the castle is a group of medieval fortified buildings on a sandstone ridge dominating the historical centre. The castle, together with the city walls, is considered to be one of Europe’s most formidable medieval fortifications.

To gain access to the castle you do so via the sandstone ridge which has a wide footpath. This path leads into the outer courtyard and through the Heavenly Gate known as Himmelstor. The gate is situated next to the Hasenburg tower, this was named after the Bohemian Hasenburg family.


Christmas Markets Germany - Nuremberg

The annual Christmas market in the city is one of the more well known and popular in Germany. Nuremberg is said to be one of the most Christmassy places in the world and the whole place embraces the festivities.

The bulk of the market was located in the site of Nürnberger Hauptmarkt with the stunning Church of Our Lady as the centrepiece. Expect great festive entertainment, nice Christmas smells, good rich food and a fun vide at Christkindlesmarkt.

Church of Our Lady

The Church of Our Lady is a stunning Gothic building and makes a great backdrop for Christkindlesmarkt and other events in the city square. This is one of many Churches in the city, all have a fascinating history.

River Pegnitz

River Pegnitz

The River Pegnits runs through the old town centre and has many bridges joining the north and south half of the centre. Bridges across the river are very iconic and are great places for photos. The banks are a nice quiet place to walk the dog or to sit and relax to get away from the hustle and bustle when the city is busy.

City Walls

Medieval City Walls

The city walls of old city Nürnberg are an atrraction in its self, 5 kilometres of walls, towers and gates. They surround most of the new city centre and are pretty special. The walls are a great circular walk with or without a dog, passing the castle as well as crossing the river twice.

The walls were constructed as a defense mechanism surrounding the city, building them started in the 12th Century and ended officially in the 16th Century. The towers include The Spittlertor which is an old gate in the southwest of the Nuremberg city ​​wall.

The Spittlertor AKA The Spittler Gate Tower

The Spittlertor AKA The Spittler Gate Tower is one of the four striking, round main towers of the fortifications, it was named after the Elisabeth Hospital of the Teutonic Order. In recent history during the Second World War, the tower was used as a high bunker but nowadays it has become home to the library and archive of the Nuremberg Garrison Museum.

St. Jakob Church

St. Jakob is also known as St James the Greater is a medieval church of the former free imperial city of Nuremberg. The church is dedicated to Saint James the Greater. The church is located at Jakobsplatz in the South West of the city, in a nice square that also has an area to exercise dogs with benches to watch on as the dog burns some energy. The church has a rich history starting in 1209 when it was founded by Holy Roman Emperor Otto IV.

Weißer Turm

Located in the main shopping area near to C&A is Weißer Turm or White Tower. Weißer Turm used to be built into the second city wall but is now a standalone building, locals affectionately call it the carousel. The tower acts as an entrance to the cities subway underground system, a livestock nativity is located to the rear at Christmas.

Weißer Turm - White Tower

The White Tower was originally part of the Inner Spittler Gate, it is home to a clock which was proclaimed the somewhat complicated Nuremberg clock. The Weißer Turm is made from brick and sandstone blocks with an arched gate passage. the building dates back to around 1250 and originally also served as a toll booth. Together with the Laufer Schlagturm and the guilt tower, it is one of the few surviving towers of its time in Nuremberg.

Where to Stay?

There are many options for places to stay including within the city walls and the surrounding districts. Nuremberg has many options from the more luxury hotel chains, budget hotels and even cheaper hostels.

Invite Hotel is a cheap but convenient option not far to walk from the city centre. This option is also dog-friendly, has a sauna and has free WIFI.

Eating Out

The city has restaurants and other eateries to suit most tastes and budgets including some that specialise in good local cuisine.

Nurenberger Sausages

There are also many options for street food, the most popular choice being the local sausage that is typically served in a bun with sauerkraut or mustard. Nurnberger’s are made from coarsely ground pork, seasoned with marjoram, salt, pepper, ginger, cardamom and lemon powder and is one of the most popular sausages in Germany.

Getting Here?

Nuremberg has a big railway station and has direct routes to many of the major cities of Europe including Berlin, Prague & Vienna. Due to the rail links and beauty, the city is a popular destination with Interrail pass holders.


RJ enjoyed few great days before Christmas in Nuremberg, the city supposedly is the most Christmassy place in Germany and I can see why. The city was very pretty and had loads to see including many historical buildings. I most certainly would return as the city has so much more that I would love to see.

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