LINOS bistro & coffee shop Bratislava

LINOS Bistro & Coffee Shop

Located in the centre of Old Town Bratislava is LINOS bistro & coffee shop. To summarise a comfortable and dog-friendly place with a great vibe that serves delicious food. LINOS is located in a very central location and within walking distance of St Martins Cathedral and on the same road as the iconic Man at work statue.

LINOS Bistro & Cafe

This is a very nicely decorated cafe/bistro that has a very welcoming feel. At the front the venue has tables for sit down meals and to the rear is an area with some very comfortable seating. In the summer months, LINOS also has an outside seating area to enjoy some alfresco eating or coffee.

The comfortable area to the rear is unique in that before lunchtime it is a smoking area before suddenly being stitched to smoke-free. The area is popular with those out for a morning coffee and a cigarette as well as diners enjoying breakfast or brunch.

Having the combination of good coffee, free wifi and comfy seats makes this a great place to do some work. I can see this being a popular spot for digital nomads to sit and get some work done.

Food & Drink

The restaurant serves a variety of food types including some traditional Slovak food, burgers and even pasta dishes. Drinks include coffee served in a variety of options, soft drinks or some alcoholic beverages. Pilsner Urquell took pride of place on the menu and was of the bottled variety and obliged on both of my visits.

I enjoyed eating out here, on the first visit we ate in the more formal front of house area and opted for traditional Slovak food in the form of Bryndza filled dumplings. Bryndza is a Slovak product of a sheep milk cheese made mainly in Slovakia, but also popular throughout other countries in the region. Bryndza cheese is creamy white in appearance, known for its characteristic strong smell and taste. The Bryndza filled dumplings were served with baked bacon and cream and were delicious.

Linos Bratislava - Bryndza filled dumplings

The second visit to LINOS was for a brunch before departing, we had left the bags at Hostel Bratislava and went for one final look around before leaving. This time we sat in the comfortable sun lounge and was a relaxed affair with Pilsner Urquell for breakfast and a local burger with was filling and delicious. The Burger was thick and juicy, served with melted local cheese and came with a great barbeque sauce.

Linos Burger

Both visits were great and left satisfied and would recommend, the diversity of the menu means there is probably an option to suit most people. The prices were quite reasonable which was what brought the restaurant to our attention in the first place.

Dog Friendly

On arrival the first time we were greeted with a sign the red border and an image of a dog. After consulting google we discovered it meant dogs welcome on a lead, what a great idea and this nugget of information proved handy on the stay in Bratislava.

Linos Dog Friendly Bratislava

The dog was made welcome, dog some dog water and fuss from the waitress and as usual attracted attention from other diners. He was grateful for a rest after the morning walkies into the city and curled up until the food arrived where he sat and admired human food.

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