Konvikt bar a dog-friendly pub restaurant in Prague Review

Konvikt bar a dog-friendly pub restaurant in Prague Review

Our last meal in Prague required being a dog-friendly place to eat out near Chili Hostel. The plan was to grab a nice lunch before collecting the backpacks for the onward journey to Dresden.

In an ideal world, we hoped for a traditional backstreet eatery and drinking hole and found just that. Konvikt bar is a 9-minute walk to Chili Hostel and we spotted it after the trip to the Launderette bu the Franz Kafka statue.

Konvikt Bar

Interior of Konvikt Bar

From the outside it looked a traditional building and was adorned with a Pilsner Urquell sign, I was sold, I needed hydrating Czech style. On entry, it was confirmed that the puppy was welcome and the pub is dog-friendly.

The building looked quite historical and according to the bar’s website has quite a rich history dating back to the 12th Century. Konvikt takes its name from the Latin word convivere which means live together. It refers to the time that people lived together including young theologians, the Jesuits, mostly of aristocratic origin.

My Visit With Dog

A Pint of Pilsner was ordered before perusing the menu, we had plenty of time as the kitchen wasn’t open for another 30 minutes. The building was pretty special and had many traditional features.

Interior of Konvikt

There were many options for seating including a bar area and a restaurant section. The place was pretty empty as it had just opened and had the pick of the seats so chose a quiet corner. Konvikt Bar has free wireless internet, this was a great chance to back up my photos to One Drive and Google Photos as well as do a tiny bit of essential work.

Pilsner Urquell

The menu was interesting in the way there were many traditional Czech dishes, the menu was in Czech or English and clear in what each dish contained.

We ordered soup to start then two different sausage dishes from the menu, the food was pretty cheap, great for our budget. The first was Old Czech style smoked sausage with mustard, sausage and bread, this was tasty and had a mild kick to it.

Spicy Beer Sausages

The other main course was spicy sausages roasted in dark beer and again served with rice. This dish had a fantastic flavour and would love the sauce recipe for this. The beer flowed throughout the meal with good table service by an attentive waiter.

Traditional Czech Food

Our last meal out in Prague was delicious, a great way to round of a fantastic visit and prepared us for the next leg of the Interrail Adventure.

Sadly the pub wasn’t accepting cards so had to go on a rush trip to find an ATM to get some local currency to pay the bill.

Food In Prague

I had some fantastic meals out on my trip to Prague, meat features heavily in Czech cuisine as does dumpings. although I enjoyed every meal out, my favourite was the trip out to Pod VyŇ°ehradem where I enjoyed ham knuckle and rabbit.

I cannot wait to return to the city to try some different traditional dishes at different eateries.

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