Hotel Vue in Sint Gerlach

Hotel Vue

Hotel Vue in Sint Gerlach was the last base we stayed at on our inter-rail adventure of 2020. Sint Gerlach is not far from Maastricht in the Netherlands and is served by the Houthem-St. Gerlach train station. Sint Gerlach is in Limburg the southernmost region of Holland, Limburg shares borders with both Germany and Belgium.

We arrived later in the evening after a mammoth across Germany trip from Dresden with a few hours to walk the dog. First impressions were that it was a very quiet place and had to walk about a mile through a small village and countryside. We were well aware before arriving this was a rural stop and would not be much local in the form of no shops, ideal to relax.

We chose the Hotel Vue by default as we wanted to visit a new city but keep the prices as low as possible while being dog friendly. Hotel Vue fit the bill as it old cost us just over £60 for a 2-night stay and was within easy reach by train to Maastricht a new city to me.

Hotel Vue

The hotel is based in a very rural location not far from the Kleine Geul a small river with some nice countryside in the surrounding area.

Hotel Vue was well signposted and found it easy at night using a combination of google maps and signposts. On arrival, we were greeted with a nice looking red building with a very friendly welcome by reception. The Vue Was a nice surprise in terms of décor due to expecting a budget style hotel but in reality, it was very nice.

We found a double room, it was very nice and clean with all the essentials. This included a kettle for hot drinks and a great shower. During our stopover, we enjoyed two quiet nights to wind down after our interrail adventure. Book or More info…

Dog Friendly

The hotel was dog friendly which incurred a small extra charge to cover extra cleaning, this is quite a common charge in most countries. They had a garden which was nice to give the dog a nice potty walk in the morning and before bed. There was lots of countrysides nearby with marked paths. There are places for longer extended walks in rural Limburg including along the Kleine Geul river.


The Hotel Vue has a fantastic bar and restaurant and served delicious food throughout including a very substantial breakfast. Highlights from the evening meals included Bread and Olives, Zoervleisj and a well-cooked medium-rare steak on the last night. Zoervleisj was my favourite dish which is a sour beef stew a regional speciality from Limburg.

Beer was nice and mainly stuck to Leffe, Hertog Jan Weizener a wheat beer and some local draught lagers.

Walking in Saint Gerlach

The local area was very rural and had some great places to walk. This including some local caves, a small river and woodland. The village has some campsites which have been noted for a future European camping trip.



After taking a train into the city of Maastricht I’ve had great fun exploring it. It is a place that I have fancied visiting for years. Thanks to the multiple Andre Rieu concerts I have watched.

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