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Hostel & Pension NOlift

After deciding to visit Dresden rather than Lipzieg after leaving Prague we had the mission of finding a suitable place to stay for 2 nights in Dresden. Our prerequisites for accommodation was that it must be cheap, easy to get to on public transport and also dog friendly.

After a quick browse or booking.com and AirBNB we found Hotel Pension No Lift to fit the bill, it was well within our budget and pets was included in the price.

Hostel & Pension Nolift


the process of booking was pretty painless, a quick call to double check the pet policy then off to booking.com to book and pay for our stay.


This place to stay was slightly out of Dresden but easy to get to on trams, there were 2 tram stops within a 2-minute walk of the front door. The local area is called Löbtau and seemed to have some throwbacks to the communist era, other parts were completely pleasant. After a couple of nights, it seemed to us that it was a student area and felt safe but vibrant.

Check In

This was simple, we were sent instructions to collect a key from a key safe near the front door. This was a slick process and worked well, meaning we had no set arrival deadline to get there.

No Lift

The accommodation had an intriguing name with NOLift in the name, the reason for the name was soon revealed. Most rooms at the hotel were a good climb of many flights of stairs, lucky us we had the very top floor with backpacks to carry and a dog pulling and keen to explore. The hallways were nice and clean and tidy but the stairs were a killer.

Our Room

We had what we considered the penthouse, in the end, this was on the very top floor and consisted of a big bedroom with a dining table, a hallway kitchenette and a nice bathroom. The beds were very comfortable and the room was very spacious.

Hotel Pension & Nolift Dresden Bedroom

The balcony was a great bonus for sitting out and in the mornings there was a great view of the sunrise over suburban Dresden. We didn’t use the kitchen as we were eating out and had Interrail Picnics for breakfast. The room also had OK WIFI internet, I only used it to synchronise my phone with one drive and Google Photos to be honest so no idea what it would be like for streaming movies.

Dog Friendly

The hotel was completeley dog friendly from our observations, there was no extra charge, no rules about leaving puppy for a while and plenty of spaces to walk my fury friend, particualrly to the loca graveyard.


The local area had a few supermarkets for us to get drinks and our famous Interrail Picnic food supplies from. We opted for Netto after having a great experience there back in Nuremberg.

There were a coffee and cake shop within a few minutes, so ideal to grab a coffee for the morning on the way to explore the city and catch our next train. This was located right next to the tram stop so the location was perfect for us.

XXL Restaurant MaxiMahl

We enjoyed a meal out at the nearest restaurant, to the hotel after our day called XXL Restaurant MaxiMahl. This place seemed to specialise in oversized XXL and bigger and had a terrifying menu as was not that hungry.

XXL Restaurant MaxiMahl Burger

I opted for half a giant burger and fries served with Erdinger wheat beer a German beer that I am quite fond of. https://www.maximahl-dresden.de/

Vet Visit for Tapeworm Treatment

We were required by immigration to get a Tapeworm treatment for the dog between 24 hours and 5 days before returning to the UK. Dresden seemed a good stop and glad we remembered on the last night. We needed to locate a vet that was open, spoke English and one we could pop in before the early train across Germany to Houthem-St. Gerlach in the Limberg area of The Netherlands, a mammoth trip.

We researched all eventualities according to google maps, most of which had incomplete information sadly. We were going to need to wing it, we read some horror stories of vets in France charging an arm and a leg for this treatment to British tourists.

Anyhow, we packed our bags and were ready to go and headed to the closest vets which were opposite the cemetery. Without an appointment and a language barrier, we got the treatment and all the relevant paperwork filled in. A bargain of 10 euros, we were relieved that the horror stories didn’t apply in Dresden. Shout out to http://www.kleintierpraxis-dd-loebtau.de/ for their great service.


I most certainly would stay here again, this was a hassle-free experience with good prices and a nice room to lay our heads. It was very simple to get to on the tram system and not too far from the centre as I found out on my 2 forrays into the central area.

More info

There are plenty of reviews on Google and Booking.com to help you choose if this is the place for you to stay. They also have a website with supplementary information. https://hotel-no-lift.de/

There are many other accommodation options in Dresden to suit all requirements and tastes. Dresden Accommodation…

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