Metro from Hook of Holland

Hook of Holland to The Hague

We had arrived in The Hook of Holland ferry port early in the morning after an overnight crossing and had loosely planned to use trains to get to The Hague. The Metro heading towards Rotterdam was located at the exit of the port so should be very easy.

Our first mistake was when getting tickets the machine required card payment for tickets oops. We had changed everything before leaving into Euros before payday for “convenience” and having the belief that Cash Is King. Well to our disappointment metro tickets were only purchasable by card there was no ticket office and cortisol levels peaked for a while. After seeking advice from the nice guards a the station they went off to see if we could purchase tickets locally. To our delight these saviours turned up with had written tickets enabling us free travel to Rotterdam station so we can continue the adventure. A great act of kindness and one we must pay it forward, a great first impression for the Dutch people in our eyes.

After the cortisol has dissipated and replaced with relief, as well as the puppy also having his morning potty on a grass area (bagged and binned) we boarded the Metro and headed towards a suburban Rotterdam station to get tickets to the next phase of the “quick” trip to The Hague. We were in luck the nice ticket machine accepted coins for the onward journey so after buying a drink each we had enough change to make the required purchase.

Before boarding the train we had a walk around the area to explore and give the puppy a run before his next train journey. The train we caught required a change which we realised 2 stops after, not enough sleep and the bad start of the day had put us off the game as well as no breakfast, excuses, excuses. After swapping platforms on the advice of some nice Dutch people on the train we departed we found our way to Den Haag Central.

Den Haag Central was a very modern and nice train station with an upper level with a tram platform. We exited the station to get a game plan and put the rucksacks down for a while, puppy had a sniff around and cocked his legs a few times to mark this part of The Hague as his.

We had read beforehand that day tickets were the most efficient way to travel in the city which covers trams and buses. The information desk seemed the obvious place to make a purchase and low and behold tickets were acquired.

After calling the place we had booked on to arrange to drop bags off early out came google maps to ensure we got the right tram. Tram number 1 it was and after travelling 7 stops we were a short walk from our home for the night. After disembarking we were greeted with a stunning view of a canal in a very nice neighbourhood, happy days.

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