Soloman's Rocks

Hiking in Brasov including Solomon’s Rocks to Poiana Brasov

I enjoy a good hike and had a free day to do some freestyle walking while on my stay in Brasov in the early Autumn. I chose a start point of a church I had spotted on the outside of the city after admiring the area from the top of Mount Tampa earlier in the week.

Biserica Sfânta Treime

The starting point was when i disembarked a taxi at Biserica Sfânta Treime after a quick £2 journey from the town centre. Biserica Sfânta Treime is also know as Church of St. Trinity a beautiful Orthodox church with some fantastic views from its grounds.

Hike to Solomon’s rocks

From the church I headed by road through the villages then up a mountain valley until reaching Str. Valea Rece which I turned off the road and into the woods. This point can be reached using the number 50 bus from Brasov, this bus terminates at the picnic ground at Solomon’s rocks.

There was a small stream on Str. Valea Rece alongside the path which I then headed up some steep slopes into the woods. There was semi trodden path through this area of walking which was constantly inclined and getting further from the roads. I checked good old Google maps and was heading in the right direction after a while I could see the stones and cliffs of Solomon’s rocks ahead. I sat and enjoyed the view and caught my breath before descenting a windy road into the rocks.

I reached an opening which was quite impressive and was alone or so I thought in a very special environment. There were cliffs, trees, a stream and stone pillars around me. I followed he stream down towards a picnic area to grab a seat and soak up the atmosphere. On one of the slopes was a small group who had set up a few hammocks in the trees, possibly had camped there or setup for some R&R.

Next I continued into a stone valley that led me to a picnic and barbecue area which had a few small groups enjoying lunch. I sat on a nice table next to a stream this time out with the Ursus for some local lager to refresh myself and enjoy the vibe of the area.

Pietrele lui Solomon

Solomon’s rock or Pietrele lui Solomon are located in the north-western part of the Postăvarul Massif , between Mount Tâmpa and the Stejerișul Mare nature reserve , being crossed by the Valea cu Apă river, a tributary of the Șcheiu river.

Solomon’s stones represent a natural area in whose territory there are several geological formations including limestone cliffs, rocks, crevices and towers. The area is very biodiverse and has a vast variety of fauna, birds and mammals. Some local mammals include; wild boar, marten, lynx, foxes. For full details of the local wildlife and more about the area see.

Walk To Poiana Brasov

After enjoying the surroundings and a few drinks in the stunning surroundings I was in a quandary. I had brought with me far to little to drink and stay hydrated and the weather was warm. The walk to Poiana Brasov is up hill all the way. I was in two minds but went to find the start of the marked path and low and behold spotted locals filling bottles from a spring. I had empty bottles too so joined the queue to fill mine up, the walk was on hurray. The water from the spring was delicious and ice cold, this was very welcome and enabled me to continue on the adventure rather than getting a bus back to Brasov.

The entrance to the marked path to Poiana is clearly marked from the road, not far from the bus stop and car park.

This was a steep walk in a serpentine manner for the first part of the hike, there were spots to enjoy the views when the trees allowed., this might be different during winter and intrigued to find out. After the steep hike the path levelled out and headed along the top of a wooded valley, a spot I sat on a tree off the path hydrating with the spring water I had got earlier. I sat in silence hoping to spot some local wildlife, I heard movement but spotted nothing other than birds enjoying the day.

I then continued uphill until I hit the main road into Poiana, I bumped into some fellow hikers a Romanian couple. The girl was a seasoned hiker but the guy was very concerned with bears and wanting to know if I had seen it? This raised a smile due to the girls reaction to the fear.

Next I walked on a path alongside the road into the ski resort of Poiana Brasov, as it was not skiing season most places on the way seemed closed for mid afternoon drinking.

I finally found somewhere with activity and get a table and enjoy an Ursus beer and admire the mountains.

I explored Poiana for a while which will make another post and returned to Brasov on the number 20 bus.

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