Grand Mother’s Restaurant - Slovak Hause Bratislava

Grandmother’s Restaurant – Slovak Hause Bratislava

Finding some traditional Slovak food on the first night in Bratislava was not hard. The first restaurant that caught my eye after entering Old Town by St Michael’s Gate was Grand mother’s restaurant. The advertising boards drew us in and the decor looked nice, time to check if the puppy was welcome.

Grand Mother’s Bratislava


We quickly established that this was a dog-friendly restaurant after asking the waiter who greeted us at the door. We even got offered a makeshift water bowl to keep puppy hydrated. On our Bratislava stay we quickly learned that many of the pet-friendly places have a sign of a dog on a lead in the windows to highlight that dogs on leads are welcome.

Grandmother’s Restaurant

The restaurant focusses on traditional Slovak cuisine, but also serve vegetarian and some international options too. The menu is comprehensive and has a dedicated soup section including, chicken soup, garlic or cabbage versions.


Eatery Slovakia

The restaurant was clean and tidy and the walls were decorated with a big traditional mural. The tables were all marble or marble effect and had pretty comfy seating. The pace had an overall nice vibe.


Budweiser Budvar

Pilsner was the order of the day to quench the post-walk thirst, this comes in the form of Budweiser Budvar at Grandma’s. Drinks were served quickly by the attentive server and most importantly it tasted delicious and was refreshing. Although refreshing the prices for drinks were steeper than most other places we visited in the city.


For starter, we decided to try Staroslovenská slepačia a traditional chicken soup. This was pretty tasty and looked delicious too with some nice fresh herbs to top it off.

Staroslovenská slepačia a traditional chicken soup

For mains the beef goulash served with Svatojoj, dumplings caught my eye. I had not eaten goulash since the last supper as I was leaving Cluj-Napoca. This version was very tasty and had great flavours of tomato and paprika.

Beef Goulash

Options I didn’t get to try included roast duck leg, potato balls with smoked meat or grilled knee DRAGOVIT, a garnish of home pickled vegetables to name a few. The food was pretty reasonably priced and cost between seven and fifteen euros for a main course.


Would I come back? the answer is most certainly would, the food was delicious and would like to try Grandma’s take on a few other traditional regional dishes. The venue was nice also and the service was good. I imagine in the summer it would be a great place to eat on outside seating.

Restaurant Details

Grandmother’s Restaurant is part of a small group of local eateries called Slovak Pubs, their website is

They also have a Facebook Page to keep up to date with all of their latest news and new menu items.

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