Future Plans

My future plans for travel and days out including some bucket list adventures. Also a list of UK places to visit and see or return too.

Future Bucket List Destinations

Top destinations for me to visit around the world.

  • Louisiana – To visit New Orleans, a trip on the Mississippi river and visit the bayou.
  • Alaska – See northern lights and some of the unspoiled countryside.
  • InterRail – Train tour around Europe, sleeping on the trains.
  • St Petersbough – To see the architecture and catch a classical music concert.
  • The Fyords – To walk around the beautiful Fyords and maybe a boat trip or two. Other option is a cruise in the area.
  • The Andies – To climb at least one mountain and see the sights.
  • Australia – To catch up with friends and see the Great Barrier Reef.
  • New Zealand – To see the country side.
  • Andalucia – Inspired by the book Driving over Lemons.
  • Vienna – To see or do the Waltz and see the magnificant architecture.

UK Places To Visit

My shortlist of places in the UK to visit or return too.

  • Polzeath – A nice North Cornish village with a great surfing beach, a return visit for me from a holiday with fond memories.
  • Gower – The Gower Peninsula in West Wales to camp and view the beautiful coastline.