Romania has been a country I have wanted to visit for years, the beautiful countryside was a particular attraction to me. 2019 was the year for me and have visited multiple times arriving by plane and train.

Transylvania and The Danube Delta have been the places I have visited so far, but have a list I still wish to explore including seeing all of “The Seven Wonders of Romania”.

When travel bans are lifted I’m keen to get hiking back in the Carpathian mountains and enjoy more views in a variety of seasons.

Places Visited In Romania

  • Cluj-Napoca was my first taste of Romania after flying in from Birmingham. A lovely city which has a great vibe about it, being a university city makes it that way IMO.
  • Brasov has been a crossroad on all of my visits to the country.  A fantastic city that was where I spent a delightful Christmas.
  • Sighisoara a historic citadel city in the heart of Transylvania, this really was a special place.
  • Alba Iulia was another historic city that is enclosed in a medieval fortress. A real gem that I enjoyed seeing including its 2 cathedrals.
  • Constanta a city on the black sea, again with some great architecture and coastline.
  • Mamaia the most popular seaside resort in the country and has the charm of resorts around the world that I have visited.
  • Danube Delta, a massive stunning nature reserve that is a UNESCO world heritage site. A place I fell in love with and will visit again and again
St. Nicholas Cathedral Tulcea

An Hour In Tulcea

My chance to explore the town of Tulcea on The River Danube in limited time before embarking on a boat trip. The town has many churches, monuments and a waterfront walk.