Crossfield's Australian Pub

Crossfield’s Australian Pub Vienna

Rain forced our hand while browsing Vienna at Christmas and we needed shelter, Crossfield’s Australian Pub fit the bill. The rain was pretty torrential and the dog was getting miffed so out cames Google Maps to find the nearest dog-friendly bar and up popped Crossfield’s with a 10-minute walk.

Crossfield’s Australian Pub is located near to the Albertina Art Museum and The Vienna State Opera. We were walking from The Hofburg and took less than 10 minutes to arrive navigating the endless umbrellas and newly formed puddles.

Crossfield’s Australian Pub

Dog Friendly Pub in Vienna

On arrival, we discovered that the pub had 2 floors, the top floor being very pub-like and busy. The basement had seating and seemed to be used by people eating, we confirmed the venues dog-friendly credential and chose a table.

Dog-Friendly Restaurant Vienna

The decor was nice and everything was Australian themed including crocodiles on the wall and other stereotypical attire. The service was at the table and very efficient, beers arrived quickly as did the bowl of Vienna’s finest dog water.

Australian food in Austria


After seeing a few food deliveries to the nearby tables, we thought when in Austria eat Australian. After perusing the menu with the first beer of the day time to decide. There were many fascinating options we pass up the chance of trying including crocodile schnitzel and kangaroo curry.

We plumped to share the exotic option of the Mixed Meat Plate, a mixed grill with very interesting meats. First was the fillet beef steak, the most regular of the options, this was cooked perfectly, medium-rare. Next was the crocodile the first for us, this was a nice surprise and enjoyed very much.

Kangaroo, Crocodile, Grasshopper mixed grill Vienna

Kangaroo steak was the next delight, a very lean cut that had a great flavour. Accompanying the meats was the latest sustainable protein of grasshopper, these were excellent and in my opinion, would make a great bar snack. These reminded me of baked lentils I make for snacks at home seasoned with spices. The meal had an optional side dish, I opted for the humble bowl of chips, this was accompanied by some strong heat in the form of wasabi and lime aioli.


This was a great find and tried something new, was a shame that in the rush we missed various Viennese options to eat out for lunch. An added bonus was that they were accommodating to the dog as well as humans.

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