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I visited the city of Constanta for a few days out during my Beach Holiday in Mamaia. The city had been I the back of my mind after chatting to a few Romanian people in the UK about it.

Constanta is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Romania, the city was founded around 600 BC. It is located in the Northern Dobruja region of Romania, on the Black Sea coast. It is the warmest city in the country and as such is a popular tourist destination. I enjoyed my roam around the city which has some nice coast line a massive port and some interesting historical buildings.

What Wikipedia Says

One of the largest cities in Romania, Constanta is now an important cultural and economic centre, worth exploring for its archaeological treasures and the atmosphere of the old town centre Its historical monuments, ancient ruins, grand Casino, museums and shops, and proximity to beach resorts make it the focal point of Black Sea coast tourism. Open-air restaurants, nightclubs and cabarets offer a wide variety of entertainment. Regional attractions include traditional villages, vineyards, ancient monuments and the Danube Delta, the best preserved delta in Europe.


I had a few run outs to Constanta city during my stay to have an explore. The first trip I walked in from the main shopping centre, City Park Mall in Mamaia. I initially meandered around the south of Lacul Tabacariei towards a wooden black church called Great Martyr Mina Church. Great Martyr Mina Church is an orthodox church with nice shaded areas in the garden. I had a good look around the area taking in the lake views.

I then headed in the general direction of the black sea via the suburbs of Constanta popping in a local shop on the way to grab some water, coke and Ursus. It wasn’t long until i reached a cliff top where I could see in the distance the old town area of the city.

I headed down to the beach which was pretty quiet with nice sand under foot. In true RJ style I found a nice looking beach bar to get a dose to b-vitamins in the form of Staropramen lager and enjoyed watching the sea.

I disembarked the nice bar and headed towards old town are of the city. This took me into Tomis Turistic Port a marina that had a great choice of restaurants on the waterfront, many with outside seating. The marina had many boats of different sizes hut was a shame I could not find a boat trip to see the local coast.


From the marina I headed along the coastal footpath to the must see and iconic Constanta Casino. The Casino is located on the boardwalk and has some fantastic sea views to admire.

The Constanta Casino is a defunct casino, located in Constanta, Romania. It has been designated by the Romanian Ministry of Culture and National Patrimony as a historic monument. The Casino is architecturally classed as Art Nouveau in design and dates back to a wooden building built in 1880. Constanta Cazino has been built 3 times with the current art nouveau design being completed in 1910. In the past the city was Romania’s version of Monte Carlo. Sadly the casino is closed to visitors as the building has been abandoned. I can imagine this was the place to be and hope one day it gets restored to its former glory.

To Be Continued…

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