RJOnTourUK Visits Cluj Cathedral


Cluj-Napoca is a city in the north-west of the Transylvania region of Romania. The city is a university town and has a great friendly vibe to it. The city has some very nice landmarks, museums and has a vibrant nightlife.

There are some great restaurants and bars serving an array of food types including many doing traditional Romanian food options. The city is good value in terms of drinks and food as well as some very cheap self-catering accommodation.

Cluj-Napoca has an international airport so is accessible from many cities in Europe. Visiting by train is also an option, Cluj would make a good interrail destination or part of a tour of Transylvania.

Must See In Cluj-Napoca

The City has a diverse offering of things to do or enjoy including some very interesting buildings.

Assumption Cathedral

Assumption Cathedral is the most famous and recognisable Romanian Orthodox church in the city.

Assumption Cathedral Cluj-Napoca

The Cathedral was built in a Romanian Brâncovenesc style, a blend of Renaissance and Byzantine architecture and looks pretty special.

Franciscan Church

Franciscan Church

The Franciscan Church was built between 1260 and 1290, the church is stunning on the inside with very ornate decor and an organ for music. This church dominates the Piața Muzeului or museum square area, which is lined with restaurants with outside seating.

Catedrala Romano-Catolică Sfântul Mihaila

The Roman Catholic Cathedral of St Michael is located in the cities main square and is a bit of a stunner. This is a grand and historic church with a prominent tower, its design is of Gothic-style architecture. This is the second largest church in Transylvania with the Black Church in Brasov being larger. The original construction was completed by 1447, the church has constantly evolved and the tower that stands today was erected in 1862.

Meal out At Carrousel

Enjoy a summer afternoon or evening sitting out on the Island Restaurant in the central park lake. Carrousel restaurant serves great food, a great selection of wine or cocktails. This is a lakeside eatery that serves some very delicious contemporary food and cocktails.

Botanical Gardens

Not far from the city centre is a Botanical Garden with lots of plants, trees and feature gardens. Not as grand as Kew garden in London but has a nice charm to it.


Try Mici, this is a very common dish if the city, basically a sausage cooked without skin and makes for a good meal or snack to enjoy with a beer.

National Theatre

Cluj-Napoca Opera House

The Lucian Blaga National Theatre is one of the most prestigious theatrical institutions in Romania. The building was completed in 1906 and is very nice in appearance and is photogenic. The theatre has many performances throughout the year and performed to a very high standard. https://www.teatrulnationalcluj.ro/

Cluj Arena

The home to the cities football team which is a stunning stadium, the team often play in the Champions League or UEFA cup qualifiers as one of the bigger teams in Romania. The arena also hosts other events and festivals nearby.

Traveling To Or From

Cluj-Napoca International Airport

The city has an international airport with regular flights from all over Europe including from Birmingham. The city also has a busy train station with either day or night trains, the night train to Constanta is a great way to get to the popular resort.

The train to Brasov is a very nice journey traversing the Transylvanian plateau. Travellers can even stop off at the UNESCO heritage site of Sighisoara the historic citadel city.

Further Information

My first visit to the city where I stayed for a few days before travelling onward to some other nice locations in Romania.