Christmas Markets Germany - Nuremberg

Christkindlesmarkt – Nuremberg Christmas Market

My partner is fanatical about Christmas markets and really enjoys visiting them for the vibe, food and drink. When choosing places to visit on our Interrail adventure from the UK to Romania Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg, Germany jumped out of the laptop screen.

Nuremberg is known as one of the most Christmassy cities in the world and the Christmas market is very popular. To me, the city had loads of other interesting aspects other than the Xmas festivities so it was a win-win situation.

This post is about the Christmas aspects of our visit, see Nurumber Visit for everything else we enjoyed.

Christmas At Nuremberg

The song by Wet Wet Wet, Love is all around, could be changed for Nuremberg to Christmas is all around. The whole city seems to embrace the festivities and everywhere you look Christmassy things are there.


Most streets were decorated with nice lights and had stalls selling food, drink or gifts.

Live Nativity

Live Nativity

The city had a live animal nativity towards the Church of St. Jakob, this included sheep, donkeys and camels. This was a great place for selfies for fun, we avoided getting too close as the dog was with us, even though he seemed disinterested in the animals.

Nürnberger Hauptmarkt & The Church of Our Lady

The bulk of the market was located in the site of Nürnberger Hauptmarkt with The Church of Our Lady as the centrepiece. The Church of Our Lady is a stunning Gothic building and makes a great backdrop for Christkindlesmarkt.

Church of our lady

The Square had loads of stalls, a nativity, a stage performing Chrismas music from across the continent including some traditional Romanian songs.

Nürnberger Hauptmarkt

Also in Hauptmarkt is the very ornate Schöner Brunnen, a 14th-Century fountain that has been restored to its former glory. This is one stunning piece of artwork, this and the rest of the city has made up my mind to visit at a quiet time, maybe exploring at dawn as I have done elsewhere.

River Pegnitz

River Pegnitz

The riverbanks of the famous Pegnitz were a hive of activity with people partying and enjoying their time. The banks either side of Fleischbrücke bridge were a hotspot of bustling drinking which we visited for a pint or two of local beer.

Stagecoach Tours

Stagecoach Tours

The city’s stagecoach tours are really eye-catching to watch and would have been great to jump on If not so busy and the dog wasn’t with us. He had a toy called Horsey in the past, so in my usual talking with the puppy manner, I explained to him that his horse had a new job and wasn’t in the bin. The stagecoach tours look to be quite a romantic affair but we prefer foot tours anyhow.

Nurnberger Bratwurst

Nurnberger Bratwurst

Nuremberg Sausages or Nurnberger Bratwurst were a must-eat item for my visit, had read lots about these and needed to try a few. Nürnberg Rostbratwurst is thin finger-like sausages that originate in this Bavarian city. Nurnberger’s are made from coarsely ground pork, seasoned with marjoram, salt, pepper, ginger, cardamom and lemon powder and is one of the most popular sausages in Germany. This type of sausage must be no longer than 9cm and no weightier than 25g to be a true Nurnberger. Supposedly Germany has over 1500 types of sausage, I will have my work put out to even try a fraction of these. These are served in a small bun with 3 sausages traditionally, served with onions, sauerkraut and mustard. My verdict was these are delicious and partook in a few batches on my visit.


Another food that we were looking forward to was the gingerbread that is legendary. The smells of the cake stalls were fantastic and made my salivate. I tried a variety of gingerbread styles during our time in Nuremberg Markets. Possibly the best version I have had ever.


Beer is everywhere as you would expect in a German city and dues to preference stuck mainly with light beers and the occasional local red beer. 2 that stuck out for me was the famous Erdinger and the flavourful Tucher. Tucher is a local brewery and beer brand based in Fürth and Nuremberg, it was founded in Nuremberg in 1672.

Day or Night

Church of Our Lady Night

The markets are open both day and night so visitors can visit at any time of the day until late evening, we visited twice one by daylight and once after dark. The daytime visit was great and let me see the architecture and city something I enjoy.

Stage for live music

The evenings were fantastic as the lights and fragrances seemed to come to life as did the party vibe with the music playing. Both were special in their own way.

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