Carrousel a cool restaurant in Cluj-Napoca

Carrousel a cool restaurant in Cluj-Napoca Central Park

On our second trip to Cluj-Napoca, we decided on a walk-in Central Park with the aim of grabbing a bite to eat. The central park was not far from our centrally located apartment and was soon promenading in the park.

Cluj-Napoca Central Park

The park is quite a big one and was very clean and tidy with a good number of people enjoying the park on this late summers day. The park had a chilled vibe and plenty of seats to have a seat and chill. Central Park had some cool seating near the casino that had USB charging points galore, all powered by solar power. This was fantastic as vapes and phones needed a good charge, we could charge sitting in the sun and watch the world go by.

The Casino

The old Casino is an eclectic palace of Venetian inspiration, is currently the host of the cultural and artistic events of the “treasure town”. When we visited the architecture was great to look at and had a book fair on the inside.


We were wandering near the lake and casino and had the privilege of seeing a central park wedding ceremony while sitting under some trees. The ceremony took place in a bandstand near to some very ornate fountains. Seemed a very nice place to get married in my opinion, well maybe a bit public.


Lake in Central Park

By this time we had the munchies and were thinking about lunch and up popped Carrousel right next to the park’s lake. This was a stunning lakeside building that was pretty eye-catching. We had to cross a bridge to enter the garden area where we were greeted by a waitress and chose a table.

We opted to sit outside on the rear of the island restaurant, right next to the water to enjoy the view. This garden was a special place and very well designed to have a luxury feel to it.

Refreshing ginger drink

As it was early and we were first in the restaurant hydration was important so opted for a non-alcoholic ginger-based cocktail. This was delicious to drink, basically, you could call it my breakfast. As soon as that was half-emptied I switched to my favourite Transylvanian beer Ursus which was my tipple here for the afternoon.

Stuffed Pork Chop

We sat and chilled out in the pretty gardens for a while, meanwhile perusing the menu for a few beers. I ordered a stuffed pork chop with fries for lunch with a bit of salad thrown in. This was cooked perfectly and oh so flavourful and tickled my tastebuds.

Restaurant Review

This is one cool restaurant to enjoy in the summer, it was quiet when we visited on a weekday lunchtime but by all accounts, this place is very popular. The food was cooked to perfection and full of flavour, I was delighted to find this place and will return on my next trip to Cluj.

What’s Nearby?

As well as enjoying a stroll in the park, the city centre is a quick walk from here as is the local football stadium. The stadium, Cluj Arena hosts many festivals and fairs throughout the year.

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