Bratislava Castle

Bratislava Castle

One of my regrets from the trip to Bratislava was not managing to make it inside of Bratislava Castle. We got sucked into so much in the old town that time just evaporated and missed last entry by not long.

Bratislava Castle

Bratislava Castle is the main castle of the city and you catch glimpses of it while walking around. Due to it being located on a hill overlooking the town and the River Danube. The castle is a big rectangular white and red building with distinctive towers on all four corners. The walls and gates were very interesting to walk around as were the gardens.

The castle has a rich history and felt a shame that I missed the chance to learn about it on a tour.

The Grounds, Gates & Walls

Despite the disappointment, I had a fantastic wander around the castle grounds at dusk to admire the architecture and views. If passing through in the future both of the castles in Bratislava will be top of the list of places to visit first. Well maybe not, might enjoy a pint of pilsner on the way.

The Castle was not too far to walk from the old town area, I walked the road way following google maps at pace. The hill climb certainly got the heart pumping but was glad to find out I could walk around the grounds and take some nice dusk photos.


From the castle grounds, there are some excellent views and on a clear day, you can see as far as Austria and Hungary. Closer views include seeing the old town from above, the River Danube and the rest of the city.

The UFO observation deck on the bridge across the Danube was visible and imagine it would be nice to look back from there.

Vape Juice Run

I had an emergency to tend to after finishing my walk around the grounds, vape juice was required. Surprisingly we could not acquire any in the old town area at all on our tour so mission on, After consulting Google would have to cross the Danube by bus using the “Bratislava Card”. E-Smoke was where I needed to be, it took quite a while to get there using trusty Google but on arrival was well impressed.

After losing all hope in the old town, this was one of the best e-cigarette shops I had ever been to. So many choices though but staff were excellent and left with all the supplies I needed.

Next stop navigating public transport back to our delightful hostel.

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