Best Photos

The best photos of places, ideal for those that prefer visual growing travel destinations to read. I’m no great photographer by some come out nicely, this is down to patience and often have the dog with me who doesn’t understand getting perfect shots.

The mobile phone helps and periodically #Google photos creates me randomised stylised photos which are often interesting. I get mocked as these seem to really cheer me up and make my day.

Editing Photos

I sometimes use filters or trim parts out using fireworks, have tried gimp, photoshop and lightroom and don’t have the patience. I’m stuck in the past with these things and use an old version of Picassa 3 on all my laptops and Desktop sue to familiarity and ease of use. I might get some occasional good shots but no way do I claim to be a photographer.

Best Photos

Photos for me are memories and help me tell a story