St. Nicholas Cathedral Tulcea

An Hour In Tulcea

Last October I was travelling from Constanta from a mini seaside break in Mamaia to Sfantu Gheorghe on the Danube Delta. The tourney involved changing from minibus to boat in Tulcea so took the opportunity to have a quick wander then lunch while blogging.

I plotted a circular walk while in transit to catch a few churches, the outdoor market, some monuments and a walk down the promenade to the harbour to alight the boat.


the city of Tulcea is the administrative centre for the county of the same name in the Dobruja region of Romania. It is located on the banks of the Danube and is where many Delta Dunarii cruises and boat trips start.

My Walk

From the autogara or bus station I proceeded through a park with many historical statues called Personalities Park.

From there I headed up a hill through the street market selling fresh food, it was a shame I needed none at the time.

Cathedral of Saint John the Theologian

At the top of the hill was a church I had spotted from the bus named Catedrala Sfântul Ioan Teologul Tulcea. The Orthodox church was formed by the Lipoveni Russians, it was dedicated to Saint John the Theologian. The building has a dominant tower which was visible from quite away and the building has neoclassical elements to is structure. It was a shame the church was in a gated area but got a few nice photographs of the exterior.

Next I walked through a residential are down hill towards the centre of the city and arrived at the photogenic St. Nicholas Cathedral.

St. Nicholas Cathedral

The Catedrala Sfântul Nicolae is an imposing building and grabs your attention, it was build in the byzantine style in the shape of a cross and surely was built to be noticed. I had a nice relax in the gardens to cool down after my brisk walk.

Supposedly the cathedral has a very melodic bell that can be heard for quite some distance when rung, it was a shame I didn’t hear it on my hour mini tour of the city. The church has a colourful and fascinating history and now contains many valuable and historical artefacts.–Nicholas-Cathedral_vt594

Next I wandered through the shops and reached Piața Civică.

Piața Civică

a public square in the central area of town, was drawn in by the statue of a man on a horse, an archway and fountains. The Piața Civică is supposedly used to host concerts of live music and also has a play area for children. The statue of the horse was built in 1947 and is of Mircea I of Wallachia, the father of Vlad Tepes (Dracula). Mircea’s reign is often considered to have brought stability to Wallachia, a volatile region of the world at the time. More about Mircea…

After visiting the square I had an errand of getting snacks and some cold beer for the impending 4 hour boat trip down the River Danube to Sfantu Gheorghe. Supermarket spotted and entered, I grabbed enough supplies to keep hydrated and energy levels up. This is where It got weird, nobody in the shop spoke English and my Romanian is limited to salutations and thanks. I was allowed to buy beer no problem but as for bananas that was a big no no, these were taken off me. I left the shop confused, after consulting others supposed I had messed up as they needed bagging with a sticker from the scales, lesson learned.

The Waterfront

Next was to head back the the river and walk down the waterfront promenade. This had many moorings for river boats as well as gift shops and places to eat including a very nice smelling Kurtos stall.

Anyway I was due to meet up in a restaurant and collect bags and board the Navrom boat for our cruise downstream on the river.

A nice town I would have loved to have more time to explore and maybe grab a meal out, time was of the essence though.


There are many places to stay in the city from apartments to hotels and is an ideal base for a stay if you want to explore the beautiful Danube Delta. More info…

More Photographs

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