Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus


Holiday accommodation options for your adventures to suit any budget. This includes campsites for camping, hotels and for the budget traveller hostels.


Sleeping under canvas camping has been a big part of my vacations since I was Little RJ. Getting a bit older I prefer this in the warmer months these days from late March until mid-September.

Tents & Kit

Either I use a family-sized tent if there are a few of us or if walking a 2/3 man lightweight setup. I’m in the market for a new tent to sleep 2 people and a dog currently. I like to travel with the correct sleeping bag for the predicted weather for my enjoyment, thicker in the winter and lighter one in warm climates. A groundsheet is vital for me for comfort and stops heat being tucked out by the ground.

Wild Camping

I have when in the scouts learned to wild camp and sleep in a bivouac, something I could still do if needed in an emergency. There are plenty of viable methods for wild camping you just need to adapt to your environment.


Hostels are the cheaper end of the market for backpackers and budget travellers. Some are great others not so, research is key when deciding on a hostel to stay at.


There are various Hotels that I have stayed at on my travels over the last few years. All are about how they suited me and my likes.


To guest post or invite me to try any accommodation please get in touch using my Contact Form.