Dresden Riverscape

A day out in Dresden

Dresden was chosen on our interrail adventure to be the stop after Prague on the way home via The Netherlands. We needed to pick a city or town in Germany that piqued our interest and was not too expensive. Our final shortlist was between Dresen and Leipzig and the former won due to having more options for dog-friendly accommodation.

Getting To Dresden

We arrived in Dresden by train after leaving Prague, this was a short leg on our interrail adventure taking just over 2 hours. The train only had 5 stops before dresden and the route followed in the main the River Elbe and highlited some beautiful countryide between the 2 cities.


We arrived late in the evening so needed to Check Into Hotel No Lift, a cheap dog-friendly place we had opted to lay our heads for 2 nights. To get there I refer to old faithful Google Maps which pointed us towards the tram stop. It took about 20 mins to arrive at our accommodation, bags were dumped and headed off to Netto to stock up on food and a few beers for the room as well as dog food for the puppy.

What Wikipedia Says

Dresden, capital of the eastern German state of Saxony, is distinguished by the celebrated art museums and classic architecture of its reconstructed old town. Completed in 1743 and rebuilt after WWII, the baroque church Frauenkirche is famed for its grand dome. The Versailles-inspired Zwinger palace houses museums including Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, exhibiting masterpieces of art like Raphael’s “Sistine Madonna.”


Dresden Dawn Tour

I like to get up early in new cities and scout the place out and get a few photos before any potential crowds congregate. These are useful to me for getting my bearings and its nice to get lost in myself in a new city while seeing and experiencing new things. My Dresden Dawn Tour…

Day Tour

A tour of the city from a different perspective with the dog and partner in tow. More eating, drinking and fun was had on this part of the day. Attractions were open so taking it in turns to mind the dog we had a look around some of the historic buildings, Dresden With Dog In Tow…


After exploring the historical centre of the city, we were knackered and headed back on the tram to recharge batteries as we had 9 hours of the train the next day and needed to find a vet to get tapeworm treatment before heading back to the UK.

My Favorite Buildings

I love admiring the historical architecture and Dresden delivered in bucket loads, even though much of the city was rebuilt after Worlld War 2. More details are included about each of these attractions on my 2 tour posts. Dawn or Daytime.


Dresden Riverscape

The views across the river were fantastic, with so many of the great buildings of Dresden visible. I imagine this would be more spectacular on a sunny spring day.

Golden Rider

Golden Rider

A gold statue of Augustus II the Strong in Roman armor, rather impressive and a real work of art.

Augustus Bridge

Augustus Bridge

A iconic bridge across the river leading you straight into the historical centre of the city.

Katholische Hofkirche

Katholische Hofkirche

The main Roman catholic Cathedral in the city, an impressive building near to the river Elbe.



The cities opera house that was the first place some pieves by Wagner and Straus were performed.

Dresden Zwinger


A very grand grand palacial complex with a moat, inner courtyard, some ornate gates and was fantastic to marvel at.



The oldest existing part of Dresden Castle, this is an eight sided octagonal tower that is topped by a copper-covered Welschen hood and an open lantern with a tip.

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