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RJ On Tour

Welcome to RJ On Tour, a travel and general fun blog about places I have visited and activities enjoyed both locally and abroad. I focus mainly on what I know and have experienced, that is UK holidays and day trips. But also some interesting trips further afield.

Currently, I’m on lockdown in Birmingham which means my daily exercise is making me very familiar with the local urban architecture, particularly on the extensive canal network.


I write about all aspects of my adventures including accommodation, eating out a big passion of mine, tourist attractions, architecture activities and the scenery. Each page will be image-rich with many photos usually taken on my phone or compact digital camera while trying to hold steady as the dog attempts to sabotage them, my best photos.

Photography is something I need to work on, I mainly point and click lots then choose the best ones at the end of the day, I admire those with the patience to get every shot just right. The dog on the lead really doesn’t help my cause.


I frequently travel throughout the UK, usually, for day trips or mini-breaks, my preferred method of travel is on the train, usually deciding where to go at short notice in an impulsive manner. Train travel allows me to work comfortably usually getting some blogging, photo sorting, social networking or other laptop work done. Trains in the UK allow for stop off’s on the route and a chance to stretch your legs and walk without interrupting the journey.

Recently I have started travelling with a dog in tow, British trains allow well-behaved dogs on board while on a lead so win-win for everyone. Despite the bad press I rarely have problems or get frustrated with the trains and if a minor issue arises, I’m quite pragmatic and see as an opportunity for a pint or bacon sandwich.

The rolling scenery of the UK is great to watch through the windows of the trains. Stroud to Kemble and Exeter to Newton Abbot are 2 of my favourite lines in England, one through the Cotswolds and follows the Stroud Canal and the other is a great trip along the Devon coastline including a tunnel.

Long distant coaches frustrate me so avoid but don’t mind local bus travel, google maps has made this very easy in recent years before that paper bus timetables had a dedicated pocket in my rucksack.

Recent Adventures


Interrail around Europe

We caught the Ferry to Holland and headed across Europe to Transylvania and back for a month including over New Years Eve and Christmas. This involved travelling with a dog in tow and sleeping on the overnight trains. About The InterRail Adventure…

A selection of my favourite photos from my interrail adventure.

Summer Tour of Romania

My summer tour of Romania in East Europe, I covered some ground and saw and experienced lots of Romanian cultures. I started from Cluj in the north, a vibrant city with a great cafe culture.

Next was a Transylvanian train journey through mountains and beautiful countryside to arrive at Brasov. Some time was exploring and eating out in Brasov including climbing Mount Tampa in the Eastern Carpathian mountains. This happened to be one of my bucket list items. Next was an overnight journey across the country with the final destination being The Danube Delta. Seeing the Danube was also a bucket list entry ticked, it loved up to expectations and more.

Frequent Destinations

I get out and about quite a bit mainly in the South West and Midlands of England. Birmingham and the Forest of Dean will feature heavily in this blog, one due to pleasure and the other relates to work trips. Devon and Cornwall have a big draw for me for short-notice trips away. These counties are special especially with my penchant for fishing villages and rugged coastline.

Forest of Dean

Forest of Dean & Wye Valley

A place I like to do short notice breaks. It does not take me long to pack the tent and bags and get going. The Forest of Dean is a place to relax, explore and recharge in all seasons.

Bucket List

My future plans for travel and days out including some bucket list adventures. The top destinations for me to visit around the world.

  • Louisiana – To visit New Orleans, a trip on the Mississippi River and visit the bayou.
  • Alaska – See northern lights and some of the unspoiled countryside.
  • InterRail – Train tour around Europe, sleeping on the trains taking a different route each time.
  • Algarve – A return visit to explore the historic sites and quieter aspects of the region.
  • St Petersburg – To see the architecture and catch a classical music concert.
  • The Fjords – To walk around the beautiful Fjords and maybe a boat trip or two. Another option is a cruise in the area.
  • The Andies – To climb at least one mountain and see the sights.
  • Australia – To catch up with friends and see the Great Barrier Reef.
  • New Zealand – To see the countryside.
  • Andalucia – Inspired by the book Driving over Lemons.
  • Vienna – To see or do the Waltz and see the magnificent architecture.